Bone spurs cervical spine?

I was just told I have bone spurs in neck. Pain, burning, numbness. dowm arms and fingers. MRI was done. Now they are talking surgery? Has anyone else had this? And is there any alternative besides surgery?

It is quite common clinical problem for the bone spurs to form after one crosses the middle age. The may remain there unobserved and unobtrusively. It is only when a spur obstruct or abuts against a passing nerve root that is starts causing problem. Finding a bone spur on X-rays/ CT scan/MRI gets a labeling of cervical spondylosis. It remains the judgment of the consultant whether a surgery is required or the condition can be managed conservatively by cervical traction, which can relieve the obstruction and therefore the symptoms as well.
pain, burning, numbness. surgery -- just do it or shut up and suffer!
Spurs on the spine can be pretty serious and surgery may be your only option.. Before I would let anyone cut on my back and spine I would go get a second opinion from a different Nero surgeon. My son also has some spine issues right now and I am getting a second opinion on surgery. What part of the spine has the spurs? The whole spine is a major part of your body but the C spine is the most important part of the spine due to your head and the brain stem sit on it so if it's on your C spine seek a second opinion right away.. Good luck..
spurs indicate advanced degeneration of the spine. However, that does not mean you MUST have surgery. Check with a chiropractor for a more conservative way to take care of your problem.

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