Can bone spurs on neck cause throat to ache and hurt?

Bone spurs are actually arthritis. I am an xray tech and see arthritis in people, usually starting in their twenties. As far as your throat hurting, I don't see a connection, but if your neck hurts, that would be the culprit. I hope that helps. Sometimes, if the spurs get too bad, they can go in and remove them. Of course, you would be asleep. I wish you good health and happiness, after you receive wealth. Good luck. Lori
Would depend on which disc are affected. I have severe degenerative in cervical spine and have experienced weird sensations in throat area, even some episodes of swallowing problems. The nerves in the cervical spine affect a lot of things that docs usually don't explain. I had to do a lot of research online and look at charts showing the nerves and what areas they affect.

I took your ? to mean the outside throat area, from ear to ear. I have had strange sensations to my whole neck area but also some to include the back of throat(mouth).

I've seen all the "specialists". I found my chiropractor to be of the most real help in dealing with a bad neck.

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