What is a bone Spur in your Gums?

I had a tooth pulled almost a year ago. A few months later I had a peice of bone stick out of my gums and I could feel it with my tounge when I talk. The Dentist said it was the socket that the tooth came out of and to just let the gum heal over it. then a few weeks later a peice of bone came out and it healed.

Now almost a year later, a peice of bone is sticking out in the same spot. It might be further back, almost under the last molar on the right side of my jaw.

Is this a bone spur? Or peices of my tooth that was left in their? I have a dental appointment in the morning, I was just hoping someone might have a clue as to what to expect tomorrow? Thanks!!

When a tooth is extracted, especially if it had to be done surgically, chips of bone are sometimes left in the socket, although we try our best to get them all out. Sometimes, these will be close to the gum tissue and will work themselves out as your have done. Nothing to worry about other than they will bother your tongue when it finds them. They usually come out by themselves but your doc can pick them out if not.

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