Bone spur in shoulder?

I was experiencing shoulder pain and recently got an x-ray. The report says I've got "hypertrophic spurring at the greater tuberosity." Does that mean I have a bone spur? If so, how is such a thing treated? I have a follow up with orthopedics to get this checked out, but that's not for a couple of weeks so I'm curious in the meantime...

Yes... I had a spur as well. Having worked for the surgeon who removed my spur I have seen lots and lots of individuals with spurs. Depending on the severity of your spur, any other damage in your shoulder, your pain level and your goals, you may be given pain meds, prescribed therapy, recommended for surgery, given a home exercise program, etc. Much of this is dependant, as I said, on you, so the best thing to do now is to treat your symptoms until you can talk to your doctor and see what your best course of action is.
a bone spur are small deposits that end up looking and feeling like a sharp pin needle.
They can surgically shave it down, which is probably what they will reccomend.
I have one in my heel..
my husband is in the Marines, and he runs a lot, and he has one on his knee cap..hes always in pain from it.

Good Luck
I am not sure if they consider it a bone spur, but a few years ago I had microscopic surgery for a bone spur. I had an MRI done as well as an X-Ray done first. The pain was in my shoulder and was terrible, no matter what I did it just ached. They tried pain killers and then steroids first and that didn't help so I proceded with the surgery, it was microscopic surgery, in and out in a few hours, my shoulder was inflamed so they scraped that, and then removed a bone spur about 3/4 length of my thumb. Had to wear a sling for a few weeks, best thing I did and I had the pain for over a year, I have not had any of that pain since the surgery. Good luck

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