Have you experienced severe nerve damage following a spinal tap "lower lumbar puncture"?

I had a spinal tap August 2005 and have experienced some severe nerve damage from it. For example I get Electrical shocks throughout my entire body when I put my head down or tap my legs, severe upper left abdominal pain due to the nerves being damaged and the area of my back where they performed the puncture is still very sensitive to the touch, and often hurts very badly. The Dr. who performed the procedure used a laparscope and didn't even end up getting any fluid because he couldn't avoid the nerves. So if any of you have experienced anything like this I would like to know how you deal with it. I have frequent visits with my neurologist who keeps insisting there is no way to reverse the nerve damage I experienced, I can only receive pain management.

i had it done twice. the second time they needed three bottles of fluid and the first two times missed, the third they got it. i at times lose walking control and can't walk that well with my lower spine locking up. once nerve damage is done, it is very hard to fix it. any attempt to correct nerve damage is when you have total immobile. otherwise they won't attempt it as you can wind up worse.

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