What does Ecstasy do to your spinal cord? why does your lower back hurt after taking E for a while?

it releases seratioun and dries up some spinal fluid also some x has chemical that cause muscle pain before taking x see what is in the pill your taking try the website dancesafe.org to see what pill is made of, the one componet was mda i was thinking of it hurts your muscles

be careful which pills you take but have fun!
why are you taking E?

Maybe your on your back to much after taking it?
it makes crystals in your kidneys and lsd stays in your body forever
Maybe you should have researched the medical side effects before taking an illegal drug. Looks like you now will suffer the consequences.
drains it, whatever tho its only spinal fluid, kinda sucks because your body doesnt reproduce spinal fluid, o well hope ya had a good roll

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