Is it possible for a Spinal Disk to repair/regenerate itself?

I have a degenerative disk between two of my vertebrates in my back. I am still young, 21 and in decent shape, non-smoker...I had been trying to do a lot of research about degenerative disks but have not found everything I have looked for. I was wanting to know if the disk can repair itself to any degree over a period of time. Maybe by taking nutrients, changing lifestyle habits, or doing anything, but I was really wanting to know if it was even a possibility, or once the disk starts to decay does it just continue to do so and you are only able to slow the process rather then ever improving it. Thanks for taking the time to read this, please don't tell me a bunch of ways to cure my problem, unless its something out of the ordinary, or you've had experience with a degenerative disk because I have tried nearly everything but surgery and steroids which looks to be my next step, but I want to avoid surgery by all costs because i have heard to mostly negative outcomes...Thanks

Hi SHawn

Still many options to try besides surgery. These are not easy programs to do, but you sound like you're open for all options. Here are 2 of the most powerful healing concepts I know. The first on is Hydrotherapy. Using hot and cold water to generate blood circulation where the body needs it most. THis process has been used for thousands of years and proved to be one of the most productive. Hot water brings blood to the surface and cold water surpresses it downward, in turn generating new blood cells into the diseased part of the body. Ideally, you also want to use pressure (like strong showerheads) to penetrate the body's depths for quicker results. Also intaking cayenne pepper is the internal king circulator. Moves blood like no other. Let me know if you would consider this and Ill give you some more info or search on the net for a POA.

2. The Juice Fasting is a very intense program, I recommend it as follows:

"When you don’t feel well, stop eating and go to juices.” The first thing an animal does when it is sick is stop eating. They fast themselves. Likewise, the first thing we need to do when we don’t feel well is: stop food. There are a lot of reasons for that. Food takes a tremendous amount of energy to digest — and that's blood and energy. Our digestive system basically the muscles and the tissues, fill with blood. When you stop eating your digestive system rests, and all that blood and energy can be put somewhere else to heal you. People have said to me, “What do I do for this particular disease?” Juice fasting. “What do I do for degeneration?” Juice fasting. “What do I do for heart disease?” Juice fasting. Juice fasting is for the incurables. Juice fasting is the answer, because it allows your body to rest — and it lets your body choose what it wants to heal. If you just keep cramming food down your mouth, you'll just get more tired. Your body has to digest large amounts of food, and its the opposite of what you should do when you're not well.

3. Here is a herbal mix that has a strong testimonial to help heal your issue.


BF&C has even been known to regenerate tissue. Ray's nephew was a passenger in a car accident, and although relatives held onto him so that he wasn't thrown from the car, he was dragged for some distance along the hot asphalt, and his small fingers were scraped to stubs as far as his first knuckles. Ray gave the child capsules of BF&C and told the parents to mix the powder with honey and wheat germ oil. Within two months, the fingers had healed, complete with perfectly formed fingernails. When Ray next saw his nephew, the child ran toward him and threw his arms around him. "Look, Uncle Ray!" he shouted. "My fingers grew back!"

In a similar story, a young woman came to Ray and said, "How do you like my fingers?" He said he thought they were beautiful, clean, and well manicured. "Can you tell which finger was cut off?" she asked him. He couldn't tell, even when he looked close. She told him her story: her finger had been amputated below the knuckle. She had used BF&C, and the knuckle had regenerated. Gradually, all the bone and flesh filled in, and even the fingernail grew back perfectly formed.

Best of health to you and let me know if you would like some more info on anything mentioned.

yes, but not likely
the natural history of low back pain is to resolve spontaneously.
think of the disc as a jelly donut it has a fibrous outer layer and a soft jelly inner layer.
what causes the problem is the jelly squeezing out and pressing on nerves or other sensitive structures.
the disc itself has no nerves so it is not the disc itself that hurts.
the jelly part is made up of hydrophilic mucopolysaccarides.
that is a fancy way of saying they absorb water and swell.
If the jelly has protruded for a long enough time the polysaccarides break down and dry up and the protrusion shrinks and the pain goes away.

So back pain will get better not when the disc heals itself but when the protrusion gets old and shrinks.

the most degenerative discs you will see are in people over fifty five and they don't often have back pain related to discs. (they do get arthritis )
If they are considering steroids in your case then they must think that it is your lumbar facet joints causing the pain.

You CANNOT make a diagnosis of disc protrusion on xray alone.

Pain is not an indication for surgery.
surgery is burning your bridges .
you cannot undo surgery once it is done.

indications for surgery would be weakness.
( you can't stand on your toes or heels)
numbness in the crotch area or problems with your water works.

some times SI jt problems will masquerade as a disc so it might be worth seeing a GOOD
chiro or osteopath.
treat yourown back by mckenzie is a good book.
At 21 you should not be having surgery for a disc problem in my opinion
good luck

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