What can it mean when they find blood in your spinal fluid?

Sister is 8 months pregnant. She has been complaining of severe headaches and nausia. Doctors did a spinal tap.

It certainly is nothing to do with schizophrenia. You don't tend to find frank blood in spinal fluid, except very small amounts from where the needle has punctured the skin. What they can find in the spinal fluid is something called xanthecromia, which makes the spinal fluid look yellowish, and is the result of blood cells which have been broken down. The spinal fluid is continuous with the brain, and if there is xanthecromia (broken down red blood cells) in the spinal fluid it usually indicates an area of bleeding within the brain, most commonly something called a subarachnoid haemorrhage. You should ask the doctor about anything you don't understand.
Shouldn't the doctors be able to answer this question?
i heard it could be schitzophrenia

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