How do i reaply for disability benifits after spinal fusion?

Go to your local Social Security office and get an application there. They can even help you complete the form. After the application is submitted, you sit back and wait. SSA will send you a letter stating whether your app. has been accepted or denied. If you're denied (most people are the first time) file an appeal within 60 days. This is the point where you may want to retain an attorney.

To the poster who wrote that "back time benefits" only go back to when you had an MRI..that's simply not true. If you are declared disabled, your back time benefits go back to the date you applied, excluding the month you filed the application. And you don't necessarily need an MRI to get benefits, either. Any medical records that can prove you're disabled and unable to do any work will help.

Please keep in mind that SSA applies different rules to people under 50. SSA feels that if you are disabled and under 50, you can be retrained to do an "easier" job. If you're 50 or over, SSA considers you not re-trainable.

If you're still having problems after your fusion surgery, go ahead an apply for benefits. Please don't wait until you have mobility problems before going. I talked to a man in a wheelchair in the SSA office last week. Both his legs were amputated above the knee. He had been turned down for disability! He just couldn't understand why they turned him down, and frankly, neither could I.

You're probably in for a long wait to get your benefits. My husband filed for disability nearly two years ago. He has a disease that is on Social Security's "Listing of Impairments", that qualifies him for disability, yet they turned him down. Of course, he's appealed.

You must be totally unable to do any work, and have some substantial medical records to back up your claim that you can't work. Hang in there and good luck to you.
Contact your local Social Security office and make an appointment. Though the whole process may take a few months. Contact your county social service department if you are in immediate need.
While you are in the process of applying see if you can get adequate pain control and find a way to make money. Be a greeter at a big store or something so you will live longer and not just waste away.
Get a good lawyer that knows about social security benefits, that's the best way to do it. Hands down!
I am disabled due to severe scoliosos and had my lumber fused in 2005. WHATEVER u do, DO NOT work at this time! Next, get an MRI, they base all backpay from the time that u got an MRI. You will get turned down (ususaly) the 1st and 2nd times, then it's time to hire a SS attorney. Then u will go to court and they will go over everything and make a decision......this may take a a month or two. NOW, a friend of mine was TOTALLY different.....she got hers in 51 days and already got her check on this past Monday.....she got another on this Wed. about $3,000.00 but that is bc she made BIG bucks working for attorneys. They base your check on how much money u have made diromg your lifetime. She didn't even get an attorney!So GOOD LUCK and if u should have any ? feel free to email me!!!
You can work after fusion surgery. You want disability because of that? First of all if you can't no longer do your normal job they will train you to do another. Why would you want to live on disablility. It isn't all that easy to get you know and they will have a doctor of their choice check you out and will go by what he says. I know, I've been there but I certainly did not ask for it after fusion surgery, I waited until I could not walk and then fought for three years to get it.
Boy, do you have your work cut out for you!
It took me over 3 years and a lawyer to get my disability. I was turned down three times before I got my lawyer.
I have had 4 back surgeries. They kept saying I could find some kind of job to do.
I was a nurse when I got my back hurt.
After all the fighting I am getting about $850 a month.Not nearly what I was making when a nurse!
You need to call You local Social Security Office. Tell them you want to apply for social security disability. They will send you the necessary papers to fill out. Just the start of many many papers you will fill out. They will want to know you whole life history!!
Good Luck you will need it!!

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