Im having a c-section with a spinal...How bad is the pain from the spinal shot?

First off let me say congrats to you! You will be fine. I had 2 c-sections, first one was an emerg and the 2nd one was planned. it was fine and I hate, hate needles. You really have nothing to worry about. Just relax, enjoy being pregnant and have fun with that new bundle of joy!!
I had to go that route. I highly recommend it. I hadn't planned on it, but I gotta tell you... My epidural didn't work, and I was so grateful to get the spinal. It was so much less painful than the contractions! I'm scared of needles, so the multiple shots were terrible. But once I went numb, it was the most beautiful and wonderful thing in the world. If I had to do it over again, I'd go that route. =D Much easier.

I think the worst part of C-Sections is that you can'tsee your baby for an hour or two after you have it because they have to "monitor" you. I hated that.
You'll feel the needle point for about 1 second, then you won't feel anything below that point. It's a great way to get numb. If you have pain later after surgery they can just add some meds into the spinal and you'll be better immediately.

I had a spinal for my knee surgery. It was great, especially when I was back in my room and it started hurting.
They usually do spinals in an emergency c-section.

It was not so bad, gets over quickly.

Had a better pain relief experience with epidural where they ended with medication that lasted 24 hours. After having a c-section, I could get out of bed in about two hours...I guess because I knew what to expect.
When I had my epidural they used shots of litocaine to numb my back before giving me the epidural. It all depends on how low your pain tolerance is. I hate needles and I was in desperate pain when I had mine. I also had a c-section without an epidural. You have to remember that if you don't have an epidural you will have to wake up from the surgery without pain medication. They don't give you anything until the anesthesia wears off.
I have been told it is not as bad as someone normally says. (By three different nieces who recently gave birth by C section). I guess when you are having contractions and general pain, when you don't notice it except to notice the relief it gives.
It is not bad at all. They give you a small injection of local anesthesia, just a regular no-big-deal shot. Then, in a few minutes, when they put in the spinal or epidural, you really don't feel it. You get to have a pain-free delivery, and at the end, you will be smiling and holding your baby.
If you are anxious about the initial shot, take some slow, deep breaths for a few minutes to feel less anxious.
Wishing you and baby a happy delivery. :-)
It doesn't hurt at all.It's kind of weird of course being numb but you'll do just fine as far as the shot goes.I had it done twice! Good luck.
You will feel it, but it's not too bad. Most say it's a big relief. I do know one woman who has three children and she wouldn't have it any other way. You could ask your midwife, they are very honest.
are you talking about an epidural?if you are it's not that bad if you take your breath and hold still.i got one with my son there is an after affect my son is three and i still have back pains sometimes but it beats the pain of pushing out a head and a body so ill be getting one with my next child
ooooo,I dont want to scare you...And its not the pain you should be concerned with,and believe me when you are curled up in the fetal position,while they are explainining to you how if you breathe wrong or move"you run the risk of being paralized for life" pain goes right out the door and you "freeze",and before you know it your done,and knumb...spinals are more scary than painful...good luck...Im just a chicken...
First of all, this sounds like your first baby. It also sounds like you are very young. There is no need for you to worry about the pain from the shot. What you should worry about is the health of your baby. So please take good care of that baby, once when the baby comes, your worries about yourself ends. Its all about the baby at that time. Good luck
It's not bad. That and getting an IV were my worst fears with my c-section. I was terrified of needles. I promise you it's not bad at all! Good luck!
Hi! I've had a spinal shot for a surgery years ago but i still remember how i felt then...the needle puncture wasn't bad at was like being pricked...did't really hurt. Don't worry dear, people who are allowed to do spinal shots have gone through training..they know what they are doing so you'll be in safe hands.
Goodluck! and Congratulations on your first born!

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