What is spinal bifida of S1 ?

this is a spinal chord deformation.

Spina bifida of S1 means that there is a defect in the spinal column at the first sacral vertebra, which is very low on your back. (Your sacrum is just above the tailbone, and is usually a set of 5 fused vertebrae.) Spina bifida comes in degrees: the mildest is spina bifida occulta, which is when there is a defect in the vertebra(e), but no obvious external opening on the back; the next degree is meningocele, where a portion of the membrane covering the spinal cord protrudes through the opening in the spine; the most severe is myelomeningocele, wherein the spinal cord itself is exposed through the opening.

In the mildest form, spina bifida may just be an incidental finding on an x-ray; in the most severe, it causes paralysis below the level of the opening and may be associated with brain problems as well.
The correct term is "spina bifida". It's true it's a spinal cord deformation and, actually, there are a few types.

Your spinal cord is protected by your vertebrae, always being surrounded by these. In some people, a defect in the back of one or a few vertabrea (created during their development as an embryo) leaves an "opening" for the spinal cord and sometimes it even ventures out towards the skin. Depending on how large that opening is and how much spinal cord actually moves outwards, you will have very few to many symptoms.

It can be caused by many things but the main cause seems to be when a pregnant woman doesn't take enough Folic Acid. That's why it's now even put into some bread and pasta products, just to make sure even those uncareful moms get enough.

It can sometimes be detected in utero (before being born) through an ultrasound. Othertimes, the defect is so small it isn't even noticed after birth. Some people have this and never know it, although one clue is a small tuft of hair over the lower back, only directly over the area of the defect.

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