Can d¨Ścolletage pain/spinal misalignments head to ear ringing and Meniere's disease?

I had some neck and back issues closing year (that actually started years before). I had back and collar pain and often times tension headache. I went to a chiropractor and he said that I had a subluxation (misalignments). After a series of visits my stern got better, but lately I feel some stiffness and pain again. What's made it worse are sudden ear noise and a feeling of fullness in my ears (mainly the right one). Sometimes it gets stronger,sometimes smaller quantity. I went to an ENT doctor today and he said there is nothing serious but that I should hamper salt intake. He said I may have Meniere's disease (a light form of it). Anyway I keep hold of on thinking that these ear noises could have something to do with the spine. If near is a chiropractor expert out there could you please share your opinion with me and agree to me know if a spinal misalignment can lead to ear discomfort, dizziness and ear noises?
Thanks all.

Answers:    I am a chiropractor, and I will answer this for you. Chances are that you are have a reoccurrence of an old subluxation pattern. They do tend to reoccur if flare-up/maintenance care is not kept up beside. On the other hand, I have a very specific cross-question -- did your chiropractor ever adjust one of the top bones of the spine, either the occiput, C1, or C2? This is the part of the spine from which the ringing in the ear and Meniere's Disease can stem from. If not, you entail to see a chiropractor that specializes in "upper cervical care."

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