Pros and cons of a Spinal cord Stimulator?

I'm looking for anyones experience from a spinal cord stimulator. I've been told by my surgeon that this is now the only agency to go, but I know there are also negative points roughly them. I'd appreciate anyones comments about their experiences with them. I'm still trying to weigh up the positives with the negative. Please only reply if you have had one implanted yourself. Your comments are much appreciated

Answers:    I own had a SCS for 15 years. It works very well for the most chunk. My first battery lasted 13 years. I just have another battery put in 2 1/2 years ago and it is almost depleted. They now enjoy a system that is totally implanted so there are no boxes to wear externally that also have a rechargeable mobile.

Depending on where yours will be implanted, there are some problems associated with the system. For me, mine is from C3-C7 (I hold RSD/CRPS in my upper extremities). Your neck moves constantly. Therefore, the leads can break easier contained by the neck than say in the mid to lower posterior. My Dr. explained it to me as the leads are like a paper clip. When the tabloid clip is bent back and forth, after a while, the clip breaks. Same way with the lead. I had to have 2 new unit placed and 3 revisions in the beginning due to this problem. Those were done between 1993 and 1995. Since that time, I own been fine and haven't had anymore problems, up until recently. I will probably necessitate new leads placed along with the exotic battery. If I do this, I will change the system from what I currently have (Intrel 3 by Medtronic) for the rechargeable system (also by Medtronic).

I have the option of going with a Morphine Pump or with the SCS. I plainly opted for the SCS and am glad I have done so. When it is working, it works very very well. I had to turn it off due to the new settings that we be trying to try and extend the battery life a little longer, however, those settings are too strong if my collar is moved in a particular way. I realize how much it is working when it is not on!

Also, if you are currently on stomach-ache medication, I would suggest when you go in for the trial stimulator that you try and not take any. I know this is particularly difficult however, you will get a better trial without the meds. The first time I had a trial (1991), I be on Percocet and other pain meds. I couldn't tolerate the stimulation, no matter what the settings were. I be later told the literature states you should not be on pain meds when doing the trial. When I went surrounded by for the second trial in 1993, I stopped all pain meds. Again, exceedingly difficult, but I wanted to give the SCS a fair shot. It worked fundamentally well. The lead in the trial slipped inappropriate, so I had to continue the pain meds until I could enjoy the actual implant done, and that was grueling for me. When the actual implant be done, I did go back on some of the meds, but nothing similar to I was on prior to the implant. I was competent to tolerate the stimulation as well.

Also, someone else just posted about the metal detectors. I enjoy not had a problem with any metal court houses (don't call in them often at all though :-D), airports or anywhere else for that matter. I other have my card with me should there be an issue though. As for MRI's I am not competent to have those. While there is a school of thought something like having an MRI with the stimulator being okay, my dull pain doctor said it is safer to not have one. There is still not enough evidence to show it is okay to have one done, so accordingly, if I need something imaged, a CT Scan or Ultrasound is done.

I know this is a lot of information, but I hope it helps surrounded by your decision.

Good luck in your decision. I know it is tough, but as I said for me, it be a great decision. Feel better!!
my wife has one it works great it only doomed to failure thing she cant have a mri if needed and she has to be in motion around a metal detector. they use a hand one if you do make sure you have your card next to you Before you have one put in permanately you go through a trial term but you may already know that. With me there is no deciding on if I should try to get one. A trial is done to see if it help and if so then a permanet one can be implanted. The one out now has a small freestyle in it and there is a small incision or cut in charge to put the battery in. Mine will last for give or take a few 9 years. It is a rechargeble one. A non-rechargable one may stop working and you will have to be in pain since you can have the battery replaced.

I have gone over adjectives the pros and cons and found a link for them. I hope the trial works for you. Now that a previous responder said theirs broke I can ask my rep from Medtronics if mine has that possibility. I wanted to email you but you don't allow email. You can email me and see how mine works out. if you email me you won't be capable of see my email and I won't be able to see yours. I just want to be in touch near someone who has recently been implanted beside one or is going to get one very soon. I know that an MRI cannot be done. It took me awhile to find a dr. who does cervical spinal cord stimulators. I was afraid I would own to go out of state just to get one. Anyway here are a roll of pros and cons you can look at for now. Also I have a link that you can look at and here are videos you can look at too.

Try looking also at the patient stories in the association and you may be able to hear Jerry's interview titled My Journey Through Pain at

I have had headache for 6 years, have done injections, epidurals, facet injections, trigger points, acupuncture, physical therapy 5-6 times, Botox injections to see if it would help beside the spasms, chiropractic treatment, gone through detox to get off the meds only to come out near more severe pain including a diagnosis of RSD which the rep told me RSD is one of the main reasons a spinal cord stimulator is maketed. I will tolerate you know how I do if you email me. I just want to be in touch with someone who have recently been implanted with one or is going to go and get one very soon like within the subsequent two months. I saw three dr's that do the scs and the first only did the lower one and the last two did it in the nouns or cervical area.

I've had a hysterectomy, neck surgery, and believe that this is a more minor procedure because the organize is placed in the epidural space according to what the rep said who met me in my dr's office.

This is a inventory of the pros and cons of one found at

Risks and benefits
As with any surgical procedure, there are risks, including:

Allergic Reaction
Spinal Fluid Leakage
In addition, in that are some risks that are specific to the spinal cord stimulator. These may include:
Stimulation stops or only works intermittently
Stimulation occurs in the wrong location
The front could move or become damaged
(this may require surgical repositioning or removal)
Poor system connection

However, there are also numerous benefits to using this type of treatment, including:
Spinal cord stimulation allows you to be in control of your pain relief - you desire when it is needed

Since the system is portable, you should be able to resume all of your usual daily duration activities at home and at work

You can travel, since your pain relief travels beside you (keep in mind that sitting for long periods of time can increase pain)
You will be able to involve yourself in in most recreational activities such as walking, swimming, and gardening

Alleviating some or all of you twinge will have a positive effect on your mental outlook, decrease stress, and improve your overall part of life

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