Spinal fusion----mobility loss?

My husband has pretty much decided to get the spinal fusion surgery after months of trying different things beside no relief. His main concern is losing mobility. He has any 2 or 3 bad discs. I'm just wondering how MUCH mobility would he lose? Will he still be ale to teach our boys how to play football and baseball and things similar to that? He's deathly afraid that he won't be able to do those things with our boys.

Also, roughly, how long is recovery time?

All information is appreciated. Thanks so much.

Answers:    I've have 4 surgeries, and the final one fused my L4/L5...I lost some mobility (can't turn and look over my shoulder very far...but still, I think I've got pretty upright mobility. It took me about six weeks to feel normal...next a couple more months of gingerly treating myself carefully until I got back to my weak self.

good luck
hi i just had surgery within my L-5 s-1 fusion disk replacement. in may a have a lot of misery still after many questions to my dr he told me about a year previously i will get with the swings of things. and they promise after its all said and done i will know how to do ant thing i want .i have a friend that had impossible to tell apart surgery and he races for team honda on a motorcycle enduro he got report up really bad rib back leg you name it .but he and i both enjoy trouble tieing our shoes but we can.
incourage him to do thereapy and stretch out it may cause pain now but surrounded by the future Depends on where the bad discs are. My husband have it done this summer in his neck & he's fine. He just cant look down as far as up to that time. Not affecting his mobility at all.
Recovery depends on the person but he spent 1 week at home & then be able to go back to work. He logically had to be careful for about another month tho.
I pilfer it he's tried epidural shots too? These are questions to ask his surgeon - find the best surgeon in your area who routinely does these. Find out who is director of the hospital surgery center and use that dr. I don't think the recovery is that bad, but you requirement a good dr. Good luck! recovery time depends it could take 3 months or longer. mobility sagacious he should be fine, but i dont think he will be able to get rough and physically play football near the boys.
I just had spinal fusion. C-2 thru c-6. I have have no problem. Recovery time about 2 months. The first 3 weeks i coul,dnt get myself out of bed. Had to roll out. The loss of mobility after fusion is typically not that bad as relatives imagine. For a 1 or 2 level fusion, he will probably loose about 15 degree of pure spinal flexion...most people are able to compensate for this by bending at the hips. My own father who had to stir through a rather extreme fusion of 9 levels due to severe spinal stenosis can still pick things up off the floor, but he have to use his knees and hips.

If his pain is bad enough to own a fusion, he must realize the return to sports and high impact activity is rarely feasible. He may be able to show them how to throw the ball, go to their games, etc, but it will not be advisable, nor will in that typically be enough pain relief for him to shift out in the yard and run drills, tackle, run, etc. I've nonetheless to really meet someone who'se had a fusion who can perform these types of undertakings. Most people go into a fusion expecting complete pain nouns...this is rarely the case...most people own considerable and pain and activity restrictions life long even after fusion.

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